The Red A-Frame Cabin at Far Meadow – The Pictures

I’ll keep this one short and sweet…so all that madness I’ve been blabbering on about the past few posts about this Far Meadow business? Well, the whole purpose of that trip was to photograph a new A-Frame cabin, and, well, those pics have finally been published!

Enjoy. Book. Go. Trust me.


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4 thoughts on “The Red A-Frame Cabin at Far Meadow – The Pictures

  1. How could you not love being there. Wonderful image. I think it gives a feeling of the openess of the cabin plus the beauty that awaits you outside. Looks like a great place to spend time especially after a day in Yosemite or other nearby places. Thanks.

    • Oh yes, it was pretty amazing. I longer to go back. It was so comfortable because of how minimal it was. your focus and attention was more on the nature around. Thanks for checking it out Donna

  2. If I could chose a dream to become a reality I would chose to experience this. To experience the outside wonder and then come home at night to this beautiful so well considered accommodation, in whatever season, would delight and nurture me so totally, spiritually and physically.

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